​​​Sanctuary Hollow Farm

​​​Our goats got you covered
Welcome To Sanctuary Hollow Farm!

Family is important, both ours and yours, and we only want the best for all of us. Our live revolve around caring for our family, our anmals and the plants we raise. We only want to bring the very best to our table and yours. From raw goat milk herdshares and fresh chicken eggs, to the vegetables and fruits from the garden, to the natural home and body care products that we make. We are thinking about the health and well-being of the families we serve.

​We believe raising our goats and chickens as naturally as possible. We don't feed artificial growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics to our animals. We work close with our veterinarian whenever an animal is sick to ensure that it is getting the proper treatment. Our goats are pasture raised, kids are bottle raised on CAE prevention program, and our chickens free-range during the day, they are locked up at night for their protection. We believe that this makes for happier animals, and happy animals produce only the healthiest meats, eggs, and dairy products.

 We am not certificed organic or naturally grown, but feel that our program for animal care is the best we have to offer. We strive to prevent disease through annual testing and prevention procols prescribed by our veterinarian.

Many of our products can by purchased directly from our farm giving our customers an opportunity to come visit our farm and animals. Getting to know our customers allows us to adapt and change to better meet their needs while maintaining our own standards of excellence. We use products produced on our farm to create flavorful foods, crafts, and natural home and body care products. If these are things that are important to you then you have come to the right place.

​Workshops, farm tours, and field days allow you to come visit and meet us and our animals while learning about farming in the wooded hills of West Virginia. All events that take place on our farm are family-oriented events aswe feel that farming is a family business from the youngest to the oldest there is something for everyone.

​Participating in dairy goat shows, craft shows, and county/state fairs allows us to connect with our customers off the farm, show off our animals and handmade products, and be a part of our community.

Part of farming is offering livestock, poultry, value-added products, vegetables and fruits for sale to our customers. We do our best to keep the For Sale page up to date on the lastest offerings. We also offer many of our natural home and body care products, and a few crafted items for sale through our Etsy shop, at craft shows, and directly from the farm. Many times customers are seeking something specific and we try to include as much infomation about the animals and products we are selling as possible. Our Farm Store is now live on our site so check out the items we currently have available.

Have a question or seeking a particular product, or just want to know more about our farm, use the Contact page to leave  a message. We try to respond to them as quickly as possible and ask that you have some patience as this is a working farm and the health and well-being of our family and animals do come first for without them we would have no farm. We love hearing from our customers and visitors and would love to hear from you. The newsletter sign up will allow you to stay up tate on the lastest sales, farm news, events, and activities that are available.