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​Kidding season has ended. Unfortunately I lost a bred doe to bloat before kidding and only had one doe to kid this year. I will be breeding five does this fall and plan on a larger kid crop next year. If you are interested in purchasing kids from this year's breedings please contact me letting me know which doe you are interested in purchasing kids from.
​NINJA -- Commercial Nubian Buck  DOB: 5.31.2017  Sire: Mountain Girl Passion's Percy  Dam: With Faith Farm Nadia

​Price: Buck - $250.00  Wether: $150.00
​Ninja comes with a scrapie tag, been tattooed and disbudded, and has received CD & T shots. He is currently eating hay/grass, some grain and milk (pasteurized goat milk CAE prevention method).  He is a fast growing kid that will add size and growth to your herd. He can be wethered if you would like. His dam is currently milking 8-9 pounds daily.
​​​I am currently taking bookings for the 2017 breeding season.
​​​Mountain Girl Passion's Percy ADGA No. N1831635 Breeding Fee: $75.00

​I began showing Percy this year with the Mid-Ohio Dairy Goat Association Show in Springfield, Ohio. He received reserve champion in both rings as a Jr. Yearling buck. I am happy to announce that I have a pen and shelter set up for incoming does for the breeding season. The area is close to my buck pen which will allow them to meet and greet, per say, and make heat detection a whole lot easier. Length of stay is up to the owner.